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12 Tips for a More Motivated Team and Better Results

Follow these tips to incorporate motivation at all phases of an improvement project in order to ensure passionate teams and management buy-in, along with better business results.

Ask the Expert: The Topic – Six Sigma and Employees

Barbara Wheat, executive director of Six Sigma for Tenneco-Automotive, offers her views on Six Sigma and employees. She discusses a variety of ideas on communications, but her best advice about what to tell employees is: The truth.

Basic Strategies for Avoiding and Overcoming Resistance

Every company runs into resistance that can slow down, or even rail, a new Lean Six Sigma initiative. That is why part of every executive's repertoire needs to be the knowledge, skills and tools to minimize the occurrence and impact of resistance.

Case Study: Implementing an Automated Time and Attendance System

Océ Business Services deployed a Six Sigma project to review its payroll process and used an automated solution to standardize time and attendance policies.

Change Dynamics: Prepare for Optimal Buy-in

Why is change so difficult? The answer lies in how people are innately hardwired and how that hardwiring affects how they accept and buy-in to change. By recognizing these differences, it is possible to make change a more comfortable experience.

DEK Printing Machines Appoints Black Belt Liang as Business Improvement Engineer

DEK has appointed Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt, Liang Zong, as its new Business Improvement Engineer.

Erie County Executive Collins to Cut 300 Redundant Jobs by 2012

Chris Collins, the County Executive for Erie County, N.Y., USA, and a longtime proponent of Lean Six Sigma, has released his budget plans for 2012, which include the elimination of about 300 county jobs in order to reduce costs and keep property taxes from rising.

Focus on Employees to Improve Healthcare Bottom Line

High job satisfaction produces employees who work harder, smarter and have better relations with customers. Healthcare clients are pleased with exceptional care and positive interactions with employees. And that can mean a better bottom line.

Is Lean the Secret to Curing Healthcare?

Former ThedaCare CEO and president Dr. John Toussaint thinks lean can cure healthcare. He's prescribing Lean to change the culture in healthcare - from shame and blame to using data to make decisions.

Lean Six Sigma Studies Help Government Agencies Streamline Hiring

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other large federal agencies say they have implemented Lean Six Sigma to significantly reduce the time it takes to hire new employees.

Make It a Team Effort: Involving Employees Can Lead to Lasting Solutions

A transactional process improvement case study offers guidance for engaging stakeholders in each stage of a project.

Manager’s Guide: Fostering Success with Lean Six Sigma

Managers play a key role in building a successful Lean Six Sigma organization. They must create and foster an environment that sets the stage for employee success. Six essential factors can guide managers towards a thriving Lean Six Sigma program.

New Black Belt Jeter Joins Copernicus Group

Tita Jeter has been hired as the new manager of quality assurance and regulatory compliance at the Copernicus Group (CGIRB), an independent institutional review board.

Segue Manufacturing Hires Lean Expert as VP of Engineering, Quality

Segue Manufacturing Services, of Lowell, Mass., USA, is proud to announce Brian Desmarais as the new Vice President of Engineering and Quality. Brian comes to Segue with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, centering on and around…

Strategies for Surveying Employees

Most companies can benefit from surveying their employees for the primary purpose of gauging morale. Improvements in morale generally indicate a more satisfied work force, which often translates into a more effective and efficient team that plays a critical role in the company's quality and bottom lines.

Success of Improvement Initiative Depends on People

Initiatives to improve business processes must be approved, understood and implemented by people. To be successful, a change initiative must not only advocate value-added processes, but also value workers for the ability to carry out these processes.

Survey Finds 90% Surge in Demand for Lean, Six Sigma Talent

The executive search firm Avery Point Group has released the results of a study finding that demand for people with Lean and Six Sigma training has nearly doubled since last year’s study.

The Employee Perspective of the Six Sigma Methodology

But no matter how experienced or how much Six Sigma expertise a project leader or manager has, valuable lessons can be learned by listening to employees tell what they expected of Six Sigma, what actually occurred, and why things did or did not work.

The Influence of Empowering Healthcare Workers

This success story from the Lean deployment at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America shows how front-line workers can lead improvement efforts.

Voice of the Business, Customer, Process and Employee

The untapped value of the voice of the business, customer, process and employee have an impact on project selection. Staying in tune with their collective voice can help companies create a more profitable future.

Yuma's Gingras Named Employee of the Year for Six Sigma Ammunition Project

Anthony Gingras, ammunition planner for the Ammunition Management Division at the Yuma Proving Ground (YPG), was recently named the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command’s (ATEC) Employee of the Year for 2010 for a Lean Six Sigma project involving ammunition delivery.

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