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64 Fold Increase in Productivity at Army Repair Depot

The job at Red River Army Depot is to return battle-damaged tactical vehicles (like Humvees) to full mission-capable condition as quickly as possible. Applying Lean Six Sigma, Humvee output has increased from half a vehicle a day to 32 a day.

Aligning Army Call Center Goals to Improve Performance

Product Manager, Transportation Information Services set out to improve the perception of its support to the Army transportation logistics environment. It completed a Lean Six Sigma project that brought performance in line with customer expectations.

Army Improves Equipment Management with Lean Six Sigma

In order to provide the best logistical support to soldiers, Army organizations at Natick, Mass., USA, are using Lean Six Sigma to establish a joint process to improve the accuracy of equipment support budget proposals by 50 percent.

Army TACOM LCMC Strengthens Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Since 2007, the Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) has institutionalized a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Promulgation of Lean Six Sigma across the command is a nonstop effort.

Boeing Plans Lean Renovation of Chinook Helicopter Plant

Boeing has announced plans to overhaul its CH-47 Chinook helicopter production facility in Ridley Park, Pa., USA, and incorporate Lean renovations that will allow the plant to increase production by 50 percent.

Case Study: Optimizing Patient Flow at Fort Drum Clinic

A project to optimize family practice patient flow at the Guthrie Ambulatory Healthcare Clinic, part of the U.S. Army Medical Activity (MEDDAC) at Fort Drum, N.Y. The goal: to reduce process cycle time while maintaining the same quality of care.

CPI Award-winning Device Ensures Hellfire Missile Capability

A new on-board missile health-monitoring device is providing troops in the Middle East an added measure of assurance that the Army’s Hellfire II missiles will perform without failure. According to a news release from Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, this marks the Army’s first-ever deployment of missiles that features a device to constantly monitor the weapon’s battlefield readiness.

Entire Division Going for Shingo Win

Tobyhanna Army Depot’s Communications Security Division (COMSEC), part of the Communications Systems Directorate, will submit an Enterprise Level Shingo package.

Going Beyond the 5 Whys

A new tool – the Morris 5 So What anaysis – can aid Lean Six Sigma practitioners in understanding and communicating the value of potential solutions. The tool was orginally developed to help articulate project benefits to U.S. Army leaders.

Green Belt: Creative Ideas Generate Workable Solutions

Three Tobyhanna Army Depot employees earned Green Belt certification for their work on separate projects that improved processes, saving time and money.

Lean Operations Help Choctaw Defense Land U.S. Army Contract

The U.S. Army has recently awarded Choctaw Defense, owned by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, a three-year, $20 million performance standard contract to design and manufacture the Camel II potable water trailer system, which provides water for troops in virtually any location.

Lean Six Sigma Is in the Army Now, Improving Efficiency

A sweeping rollout of Lean Six Sigma is helping the Army transform its business practices and free up resources – all to better support its soldiers. The Army deployment is the largest ever attempted, eventually encompassing 1.3 million people.

MBB Volunteers to Help Streamline U.S. Army's Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

A process improvement specialist with the U.S. Army Forces Command at Fort McPherson, Ga., has recently completed a voluntary six-month tour in Iraq to help streamline the process of troop withdrawal, which the Army plans to complete by the end of 2011.

Reserve Unit Improves Requisition Process

Once faced with an 80 percent rejection rate of requests for supplies and equipment from units that fall under the 335th Signal Command, the Reserve Unit's Lean Six Sigma project transformed the requisition process to a 90 percent approval rate.

Tracking and Technology Speed Black Belt Certification

The U.S. Army continues marching forward in its Lean Six Sigma efforts. It has formalized the use of Belt course portfolios within its project-tracking software and deployed a web application to streamline the information-generation process.

U.S. Army Hospital in Afghanistan Reduces Wait Times with Lean Six Sigma

Swapping three systems and folders stuffed with paper forms for one laptop and a few forms was too good of an idea to pass up for LTC Patricia Ten Haaf, commander of the 452nd Combat Support Hospital (CSH). After all, leading an eight-bed medical treatment facility at Forward Operating Base Salerno in Afghanistan had enough challenges.

Using Simulation to Design Robust Combat Vehicles

A simulation model and sensitivity analysis were used to develop a robust design for the rotational device on a ground combat vehicle. The end result was a tool that allowed for a designer to develop a new system with a higher degree of reliability.

Videos Highlight Army's Use of Lean Six Sigma

In the following videos, Army Senior Leaders discuss the use of Lean Six Sigma as part of their Business Transformation goals. The videos also include success stories from projects to improve Army processes.

Yuma's Gingras Named Employee of the Year for Six Sigma Ammunition Project

Anthony Gingras, ammunition planner for the Ammunition Management Division at the Yuma Proving Ground (YPG), was recently named the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command’s (ATEC) Employee of the Year for 2010 for a Lean Six Sigma project involving ammunition delivery.

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