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Using Six Sigma to Solve Issues in Public School System

Of all the new and innovative applications for Six Sigma, none may be as interesting as one being used in the state of Colorado – applying Six Sigma to all aspects of a public school system. And “all aspects” includes the heart of every school district – the classroom. In 2008, businessman Jim Weigel, who…


Insider Views on Selecting a Six Sigma Consultant

You’re the CEO of a small-to-medium-sized company. Or you’re heading the committee charged with maximizing output and minimizing mistakes in a much larger organization. You’ve heard about Six Sigma and you think it might work for your firm. You make the leap – you decide to hire a consulting company to help you implement the methodology….

The Employee Perspective of the Six Sigma Methodology

Those who lead Six Sigma improvement projects often are in a teaching position, instructing employees who participate on project teams but have no experience with the methodology. Obviously, the inexperienced employees learn as they work on a project. But what is not as obvious is that the leaders also learn – no matter how much Six…

Hard and Soft Savings: What Counts Can Be Counted

Six Sigma is all about what can be quantified and measured. So it is not surprising that organizations which utilize Six Sigma often prefer to measure success in terms of hard savings – dollars to the bottom line now – and are less impressed with soft savings – the possibility of dollars to the bottom line in the…