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A Successful Pain Management Initiative at LDS Hospital

Despite already having adopted many best practices, LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City discovered a problem in the rapid treatment of pain in the emergency department. The staff immediately began a pain management initiative to remedy the problem.

Addressing Six Sigma Concerns From The Skeptics

Regardless of the red flags skeptics attempt to raise, Six Sigma is not a cult or a seventh-grade science project. Even the most ardent Six Sigma fans should view questions from skeptics as a chance to present evidence supporting the use of Six Sigma and change management techniques in healthcare. Six Sigma makes it easier for people to do the right thing by identifying and removing the barriers to excellence.

Ask the Expert: The Topic – Six Sigma Adoption and Cultural Issues

Jack Finney, president and CEO of Six Sigma Academy, offers his perspective on Six Sigma adoption and cultural issues – from strategies to convince resistant employees to maintaining a positive culture as the initiative matures and employees turn over.

Communication Strategies for Six Sigma Initiatives

The decision to adopt Six Sigma has been successful in many industries – including healthcare. However, the best plans may go awry if the focus is just on the technical side, without considering cultural and communication aspects of the initiative.

Florida Hospital’s Message to Physicians About Six Sigma

Improving U.S. healthcare requires a concentrated effort by physicians. The need is to break down traditional boundaries between physicians, administrators and clinicians, and work together to design safer, more effective and efficient systems.

Managing Six Sigma Change Resistance

A critical component of any successful Six Sigma project is overcoming resistance to change. The reason: Without user acceptance, any process improvement is doomed to fail. Therefore, proper anticipation and understanding the approaches to various resistance tactics is essential to success.

My Business Is Different, Six Sigma Won’t Work

If you think Six Sigma won't work for your company, you are either ignorant or refuse to change. Every business process can be measured, improved and controlled using the Six Sigma methodology.

Six Sigma…Without The Pain, For Healthcare

What is clear is that Six Sigma can drive bigger improvements in patient care and cost reduction, and potentially, do it faster. In the handful of hospitals that have successfully implemented Six Sigma, the results are impressive.

Using Six Sigma to Solve Issues in Public School System

Of all the innovative applications for Six Sigma, none may be as interesting as one being used in Colorado – applying Six Sigma to all aspects of a public school system. And "all aspects" includes the heart of any school district – the classroom.

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