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No More Cowboys: Teams for Change

I have been a Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt for two and a half years and have come to a heartbreaking realization: I’ll never be good at everything. This is not what my teachers expected from me. My Yellow, Green and Black Belt education included a diverse curriculum including a week on statistics and…

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It’s the People That Matter

Lean can sound “mean” to the people who hear it’s coming to their workplaces. We all know that healthcare enterprises are under unprecedented pressure to cut costs. We understand that much of our work is stupid and repetitive. We can’t find the documents and supplies we need, we don’t have the tools we need and…

Let’s Replace “Resistance” with “Objection”

I propose that we replace the concept and word of “resistance” with the concept and word of “objection” in the change management industry. To date, we have cavalierly used “resistance” to characterize the people who don’t choose to go along with our change management plans. These people “resist” us for reasons that have been well…