The best of iSixSigma 2020 features the highlights of this year’s content – those best loved by our readers.

1. Tips for Facilitating a Virtual Kaizen

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges to using some tried-and-true tools. These tips for facilitating a virtual Kaizen will continue to be of use until vaccinations are fully rolled out and while teams continue to work in geographically diverse area.

2. Use Value Stream Mapping to Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

Processes bloat as time passes and more people get involved. The example in this article looked at wait time at a hospital and led to sped up turnaround time.

3. Using SQDCM Boards the Right Way for Effective Gemba Walks

A safety, quality, delivery, cost (sometimes inventory and/or productivity), morale (SQDCM) board can improve the effectiveness of Gemba walks.

4. Failure Fuels Better Results from Lean

Failure is inevitable. But don’t look at failure as all bad. Learn from those failures and ensure greater success in the future.

5. An Improved Marshmallow Challenge

Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with a game. This game, combining dry spaghetti and marshmallows, not only facilitates team building, but also introduces a continuous improvement perspective.

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