I’ve only got one more session to attend before I pick the family up at the pool and head for home. The snacks this afternoon are really good. They are setting up now. Popcorn, licorice, candy bars, soda, peanuts and soft pretzels with queso.. Just what we need for the next session. Good thing I’m blogging close to the refreshment bar. These goodies are going to go quick.

I just sat in on an innovation and Six Sigma discussion. It was pretty cool listening to everyone define what innovation means. That’s the first thing Six Sigma can do for innovation, reduce the variation in its definition! But that wouldn’t be very innovative, now would it?

I also had a short conversation over lunch with Karen Welch from Abbott Nutrition. We talked about the “Future of Six Sigma.” She’s very interested in the subject and had some really insightful thoughts on where Six Sigma is headed. People are stating to gather around the snacks, I’d better go pick something up before everything is gone… I’ll pick up the blogging again later, I’ve got a few more blog entries drafted that just need some work before posting.

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