Key bullets from Bill Steenburgh, Xerox Services

First he gave us a rundown of the last six years at Xerox:

  • 2000-2002: Xerox losing money on a sustained basis
  • 2002-2005: Investing for growth
  • 2005 +: Expanding customer relationships

Then Bill talked about how Xerox has combined Lean and Six Sigma to drive improvement. He said “you really need to use both Lean and Six Sigma.” He also reiterated Anne Mulcahy’s commitment to the program.

  • Lean = Speed plus Low cost
  • Six Sigma = Culture plus Quality

Lean Six Sigma summary for Xerox Services:

  • Close performance gaps – DMA Umbrella Initiatives
  • Implement strategic initiatives
  • Fully integrated into Service Management Process
  • Drive top line/improve customer satisfaction at customer site

Biggest Opportunities at XS

  • Cross functional initiatives
  • Effective utilization of Green Belt projects
  • Design for LSS
  • Variability/replication opportunities
  • Continued alignment of projects/resources with the vital few
  • Ongoing succession planning
  • Implementation when IM/Technology required , but limited funds available.

It’s good to see that even mature Six Sigma companies still see opportunities for improvement. His final words were advise to getting to the “A” path of sustained commitment:

  • Change culture and leadership behavior
  • Link projects to business strategy
  • Link projects to customer value
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