Thank you to everyone who contributes thoughts, suggestions and comments to iSixSigma on how we can improve what we provide. We’re constantly making improvements to our technologies as a result.

Our Discussion Forum is a popular Six Sigma-related destination on the Internet. Since our inception in May 2000, we’ve had about 94,000 postings. People have both become popular and been flamed as a result of the iSixSigma Discussion Forum. Friendships have been made, and old spats have been settled. It’s a wonderful yet challenging community, all rolled into one place.

Today, we made a couple of improvements to the iSixSigma Discussion Forum:

  1. We now index the entire discussion forum. Prior to today, we only indexed the most recent 75,000 or so posts, with the idea that many topics are revisited over time and/or become outdated. Well, many readers have set us straight. All information is useful. Our index now includes all information.
  2. Queries can now be done by “Posted by” name. Prior to today, if the person’s name wasn’t in the body of the posting, you couldn’t find them.

So let’s say that you remember a posting by “Heebeegeebee BB” from months ago, but you didn’t bookmark it at the time. Now just type in “Heebeegeebee” (sans quotes) into the search box (upper right hand corner of the main iSixSigma site) and select to search against the “Discussion Forum.” You’ll find all 654 posts referencing or written by Heebeegeebee BB. Want to read Heebee’s posts in reverse chronological order? Click the [ Sort by Date ] option at the top of the screen.

Search the iSixSigma Discussion Forum

So what kind of fun stuff can we find out, now that we have access to all 94,000 posts? Well…as of today, a search on the discussion forum for:

  • Mike Carnell turns up 4,014 posts
  • Certification turns up 3,447 posts
  • Minitab turns up 3,296 posts
  • Shift turns up 2,425 posts (1.5 shift is close at 1,305 posts)

What else can you find? Post your comments.

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