Dr. Phil is blogging! No, not that Dr. Phil, I’m talking about Dr. Phil Samuel, Chief Innovation Officer for BMG.

The blog is called Chief Innovator Onlineand is the second blog written by BMG executives. David Silverstein, CEO of BMG, has been blogging for just over a year now and Leadership & Business.

I know Phil personally so it’s exciting to see him blogging his genius. His most recent post, Better Isn’t Enough – You have to be different looks at the dichotomy facing organizations today:

“Almost every corporation on our planet is on a quest to outperform its rivals in two key business activities – improve the performance of current business, and create the future for the business. The trouble with this is that few organizations do this well – they are either good at continuous improvement or good at innovation, but not good at both in a strategic, tactical and deliberate way… Continue reading

Welcome to the world of blogging Phil! I hope to read innovative posts from you throughout the year.

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