The May/June issueof iSixSigma Magazine has hit the shelves (metaphorically speaking of course) as well as cyberspace via the digital edition.

If you do not subscribe to the magazine you are really missing out on a wealth of information. I’m not just saying that because I work for the Magazine. I was hooked on iSixSigma Magazine from the first two issues, before I even decided to join the team.

The cover story isa fantastic story of Six Sigma success coupled with community outreach. That is the story of Lonmin’s deployment.

The research in this issue delves into organizational change and what Six Sigma has to do with it. Read the executive summary for the highlights and for an extra peak at the data read today’s press release:

The survey also showed that Six Sigma-trained employees used their change management skills far more often than generally perceived. “Though only thirty-two percent of respondents said they would label their Black Belts as ’change agents,’ almost twice that figure said they personally use change management skills frequently or all the time.”


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