The July/August issue of iSixSigma Magazine includes my latest research article that explores different aspects of innovation, including what people think of the relationship between Six Sigma and innovation.

A press releasewas issued this morning that includes a few highlights from the data:

With a vast majority of companies professing to want “innovation,” those that rate their efforts most effective say they rely on a clear strategy and systematic methodologies…

We surveyed 1,000 Six Sigma professionals from around the world and found that 91 percent said their companies are engaging in innovation activities. While just about everyone says their company is innovating there is quite a bit of variation in what innovation means and how effective they are at it.

Only 13 percent said that their company’s innovation efforts are effective. Of those that said their company is effective at innovation, 81 percent said they had a clear strategy driving their innovation efforts and 84 percent said their company uses a systematic process or methodology for innovation.

Compare that to the 10 percent of respondents who rated their company’s innovation efforts as”somewhat ineffective” or”ineffective” andsaid that their company uses a systematic process or methodology for innovation.

Strategy and process are two keys to business success. It looks like they also open the door to effective innovation.

The full results can be found in the July/August issue of iSixSigma Magazine.

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