The UK government has launched the SIM (See Inside Manufacturing) campaign, which educates and encourages individuals to embark on engineering and similar career paths. As part of the program, a SIM day will be organized at GKN Driveline to let them see how machines work and how parts are being handled in facilities, such as those making cars. More importantly, teenagers will witness Lean manufacturing methods applied in the factory.

A game (unfortunately, no details were provided) will also help students understand the value of minimizing process waste. The program was organized by Queensbury School and GKN Driveline. The SIM day will be held in Birmingham (in Erdington) where 4,000 propshafts and 11,000 sideshafts are made each day. GKN Driveline is the number one supplier of driveline components and systems in the world. Since 1925, GKN has become the top manufacturer employing Six Sigma techniques.

The SIM program will help increase awareness especially to younger generations that Lean methods actually work and will benefit companies for the long term. Teaching students today will encourage them to value and employ the same approaches and increase productivity without any compromise on quality.

This story was originally published in The Wall Street Journal.

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