For those of you that joined us for the Six Sigma Salary Webcast in March you saw the software we used to analyze the data. The application was made available for free download so you could test-drive running analysis on your own.

I’m happy to announce that the sample iSixSigma salary data is now available for your slicing and dicing pleasure in the Spotfire Web Player, a free web based application that lets you play with the data without downloadingthe software.

iSixSigma Salary Data in Spotfire Web Player

Not only can you view the iSixSigma Salary data, but Spotfire has built a host of other entertaining applications as well. From Sports to politics, you can find one to suit you.

As an end note, if you missed the webcast live, it is still available to watch online. You can also still download the trial of Spotfire with the Salary Data included.

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