In today’s world, new technology, changing customer expectations and the competitive market are constantly redefining “What’s Needed.” Any company with hopes of competing must constantly reshape their processes and products to meet these changing needs. Fortunately, Six Sigma is there to help accomplish this by:

  • Providing a systematic approach to continuously improve and redesign processes and products
  • Keeping the Voice of the Customer at the forefront of everything that is done
  • Developing measurement systems to proactively identify needed changes and improvements
  • Creating opportunities for employees to learn new skills and tools and to have a say in the Voice of the Process
  • Shaping a culture that applies data, teamwork and creativity to find new and innovative ways to bring value to the customer and to the business
  • Bringing the benefits of all these things to the bottom line

So take a close look at how your company has deployed Six Sigma. If it is integrated and synchronized with key aspects of running the business, chances are good that it is helping your organization to accomplish “What’s Needed.” If not, don’t be surprised if your W.O.W. turns into OW!

Join me again next week and we’ll explore how being “On Time” can help you “Take a Walk on the W.O.W. Side.”


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