Supervisors never “earn” the privilege to be disrespectful to subordinates simply because they have achieved a higher rank. This can be an indication that they have been promoted beyond their ability to lead and digress to using intimidation as a resource to get things done. If you find yourself using positional authority to get things done, it might be time to re-evaluate the tools that are in your leadership toolbox.

About the Author: William “Billy” Wilkerson is a Police Sergeant with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and 20 Year veteran with the Florida Air National Guard. He is currently assigned to Sheriff’s Office Continuous Improvement Division and also supervises the Staff Inspections Unit. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has been using Lean Six Sigma to streamline many of its processes for the past several years to much success. Billy has also been assisting with the Florida Air National Guard’s rollout of their CPI Program (Continuous Process Improvement). Billy can be found on LinkedIn @ or by email at

About the Author