You are ready to start your Lean Six Sigma journey but where do you start? White Belt training and certification is the entry point into learning about Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt training and certification

If your organization is deploying a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) initiative, and you can participate in White Belt (WB) training and certification, then it is recommended you do it. White Belt is the entry level introduction to LSS.

Role of the White Belt

The WB is important to your LSS program for two main reasons. First, trained, and certified WBs can lend an extra set of hands and eyes to help collect data and offer additional insight into how processes are working and can be improved.

Second, the WB level is a good source from which future and more advanced LSS belts are recruited. WBs who show an understanding and enthusiasm for LSS can be trained as Yellow Belts or Green Belts and can then attain even higher belt rankings and greater expertise if they decide to do so.

How can you get trained and certified?

To be fully transparent, not all organizations recognize WB as a belt level because of the elementary nature of the training. The good news is that there are many organizations that do recognize WB. If your organization does, and offers training and certification then take advantage of it. Many organizations make WB training a part of new employee onboarding to get them acquainted with the organization’s LSS deployment right off the bat. If you wish to do this on your own, there are numerous organizations that can provide this training and certification.

Given the short duration of WB training, it is usually done online. The length of time can range from thirty minutes to two hours. Training will typically be a video or slide presentation with some additional reading materials. A short exam at the end will test what you have learned. If you complete the training and pass the exam, you can be certified as a WB.

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FAQs: Lean Six Sigma White Belt training and certification

Is White Belt a recognized level of Lean Six Sigma achievement?

For the most part the answer is yes. Because of the simplicity and short duration, some organizations don’t consider the WB to be a valid certification.

How long does it take to become White Belt trained and certified?

White Belt training is typically done online and can range from 30 minutes to two hours. Training will consist of video or slide presentations with some supplementary reading. A short exam is usually given with certification being awarded if all requirements are met and you pass the exam.

Who should get Lean Six Sigma White Belt trained and certified?

White Belt training can be great for the following candidates:

  • Managers who want to apply the LSS methodology in their work area
  • Leadership who see the importance of continuous improvement
  • Employees who work for an organization with an LSS program
  • Anyone who wishes to learn the fundamentals of LSS


White Belt (WB) is the starting point for learning about Lean Six Sigma (LSS). WB training provides the introductory basics of LSS concepts and methodology. Training can be accomplished with a range of 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the organization providing the training. Training usually consists of online training, some supplementary reading material, and a short exam. If all requirements are met, you can be certified as a WB.

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