Ideation Brainstorming

Definition of Ideation Brainstorming:

New tools for brainstorming combine advantages of traditional brainstorming techniques of Osborn and of the I-TRIZ techniques. TRIZ is an acronym of Russian Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, which was developed by Henrich Altschuller in 1940s-1980s in Russia.

New tools are called ideation brainstorming, as they are based on the follow-up research of TRIZ specialists in Ideation, Inc. lead by Boris Zlotin. The follow-up research studies are known as I-TRIZ — an expanded, enhanced, and restructured version of TRIZ.

Ideation brainstorming software tools implementa four-step process for solving problems using I-TRIZ:

  1. Define the problem-solving objectives
  2. Form an “ideal” vision of system
  3. Develop solution concepts to bring the system closer to ideal
  4. Evaluate solution concepts and tackle subsequent tasks
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