If it relies or revolves around the internet, chances are it counts as web-based technology. This concept encompasses a significant vertical and horizontal scope, which means it includes many different kinds of technology, products and services.

Overview: What is web-based technology (WBT)?

Web-based technology (WBT) is a broad umbrella term that encompasses many different types of processes, products and equipment. The unifying theme is their interdependence on the world-wide internet. This includes technology related to the basic function of the internet, local access to the web and tools that are accessed remotely via internet connection.

3 benefits of web-based technology

Web-based solutions have become the expected standard in all kinds of industries for several major reasons.

1. Easy to adapt

One of the main advantages of most types of WBT is their ability to evolve with related technologies and industries. For example, virtual updates and remote problem resolution are both options not found in comparable analog environments.

2. Ensure accessibility

Even though there are still many people without consistent internet access, it’s still one of the most accessible and easily-used gateways for users. Web-based technology can be accessed from many different locations from all kinds of devices.

3. Poised for new developments

Embracing web-based technology and incorporating this functionality into your own products or services puts you in a better position to capitalize on new developments moving forward. Internet connectivity will likely be the driving force in competitive markets for the foreseeable future.

Why is WBT important to understand?

Innovating and implementing these technologies doesn’t just happen by accident. It’s the result of well-researched, planned and tested processes that are subject to continuous improvement.

The internet doesn’t solve problems

As you move forward, don’t forget that it’s the people and not the technology who solves problems. People use technology to help other people. Focusing too much on the means can take your focus off the real goal.

Complexities of connectivity

There are many advantages and benefits surrounding implementation of web-based solutions for businesses, but there are also some serious challenges. The growing physical and virtual inter-connectivity can shift some business priorities.

Be ready to shift gears

Companies that are relatively new to incorporating digital and web solutions into their enterprise need to brace themselves for major shifts. Orienting your business model around the the internet can be challenging, but also very rewarding.

An industry example of web-based technology

A typical office building found in just about any city around the world has plenty of examples of web-based technology. The basic physical devices in the office, including servers, networking equipment and individual computers, are all basic types of WBT. The virtual accounting software used by the companies accountants is also a type of web-based solution, as are the shipping inventory management tools integrated into their website.

3 best practices when thinking about WBT

There are several key best practices to remember whether you use WBT for internal processes or as your service offering.

1. Focus on customers first

Web technologies and processes are subject to the same types of challenges as any other kind, which means conventional lean management techniques still apply. This includes a need to focus on adding value to your service offering.

2. Develop a system of innovation

Innovation doesn’t happen by accident. Successful leaders know that they need to intentionally design a system that allows and encourages innovation as well as continuous improvement.

3. Commit to process improvement

Web-based technology is extremely demanding in terms of efficiency and streamlining. Users expect an efficient, refined experience, which means companies have to commit to a culture of process improvement to keep up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about web-based technology

What are the basic types of web-based technology?

There are no official types of web technologies or official ways to classify them. One way to divide them is by their relationship with the world wide web itself. Some technologies enable the internet to exist, some only exist because the internet exists and others are simply adapted to work both off or online.

How should new companies leverage WBT?

Leveraging web-based solutions and technology should be a deliberate and prudent process. Take measured steps forward to avoid culture shock, but keep moving if you want to reach your goal.

Should companies always use web-based solutions?

The internet isn’t always beneficial or necessary for businesses, but it usually is. Most modern companies will only be missing out by not embracing web-based solutions to some extent.

Making connections

Connections are made, not found. The way that businesses connect to their customers, suppliers and partners has a profound influence on their future. Web-based technologies are among the ways that many people will expect companies to embrace, so businesses should be ready to re-examine their priorities.

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