Six Sigma E-learning Providers

With electronic training resources, practitioners can learn about Six Sigma without leaving their desks. Courses are available for all levels of experience and are delivered electronically in various formats or through a combination of in-person and electronic modules. This directory is a reference to help practitioners who are looking for an e-learning source. Those considering enrolling in training should contact providers directly.

Lean Six Sigma E-learning Providers

If you’re looking for Lean Six Sigma training but you want to go through it online (in Lean Six Sigma e-learning course), then this is the comprehensive resource that you’ve been looking for.

This Lean Six Sigma online training directory outlines the programs offered by several Lean Six Sigma e-learning providers.

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Lean Six Sigma E-learning Providers

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Key Performance & Florida Atlantic University

“Excellence in Project Management, Six Sigma & Business Analysis”
By combining the knowledge and experience of Key Performance with the resources of a top-quality university, we set the stage for an outstanding online learning experience.

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