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iSixSigma's Lean & Six Sigma Best Places to WorkiSixSigma’s Best Places to Work™ competition provides an excellent opportunity for companies and employees to celebrate the strength of their Six Sigma program and to be recognized for successfully deploying Six Sigma.

Purpose of iSixSigma’s Best Places to Work™

The Best Places to Work looks at how well companies:

  • Foster a supportive culture for Six Sigma
  • Develop their Six Sigma talent through leadership and other training
  • Offer career advancement opportunities for Six Sigma alumni
  • Provide competitive pay, and excellent rewards and recognition

The results offer a benchmark so organizations can see what employees are looking for and can figure out how to improve and provide a strong environment for Six Sigma professionals.

How Nominations Work for iSixSigma’s Best Places to Work™

Anyone can nominate a “best place to work,” but nominators must know something about the place and why it is so great to work there. Places may include companies, government organizations, associations, nonprofits – anyplace deploying Six Sigma. Note: The competition is for whole companies or organizations, not for individual business units.

  • Places must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • Must be actively engaged in using the Six Sigma methodology. Note: Six Sigma may be combined with Lean and other improvement initiatives. To participate, a place does not need to call its process improvement program “Six Sigma” but must use the methodology in its process improvement program.
  • Must have a minimum of 30 full-time or part-time Six Sigma employees (employee is defined as a Black Belt, Master Black Belt or Deployment Leader role).
  • Must have been using the Six Sigma methodology for at least 2 years at the time of nomination
  • Places whose primary business is providing products and services to Six Sigma practitioners and organizations are not eligible for the competition.

iSixSigma’s Best Places to Work™ Rules and Information

  • Nominees must have a minimum of 30 full-time or part-time Six Sigma employees.
  • A Six Sigma employee is defined as someone in a Black Belt, Master Black Belt or Deployment Leader role.
  • The most senior Six Sigma leader of the program must agree to participate in the competition.
  • No two operating units of a corporation with a central Six Sigma program can independently compete in the competition. Business units and entities of larger corporations may enter if they operate autonomously and have a Six Sigma program separate from the parent or holding company. iSixSigma reserves the right to exclude any company or organization it deems does not meet the requirement above.
  • The most senior Six Sigma leader must fill out the Employer Survey by the deadline.
  • A minimum number or percentage of Six Sigma employees must fill out the Employee Survey by the deadline – at least 30 Six Sigma employees or 15 percent of the Six Sigma employee population, whichever is greater.
  • Entrants must comply with all requirements and rules to be eligible for the Best Places to Work designation. Failing to comply will result in disqualification from the competition.
  • The Employee Surveys will be anonymous. Results will be used to provide aggregate information and verbatim quotes, as well as for custom reports that company’s may order.
  • The following definitions are used for these Six Sigma roles:
    • Black Belt (BB): Full-time professional who acts as a team leader on Six Sigma projects. Typically has four to five weeks of classroom training in methods, statistical tools and (sometimes) team skills. Provides coaching and Six Sigma expertise to Green Belts.
    • Master Black Belt (MBB): An expert in Six Sigma methodology and tools who provides strategic Six Sigma guidance within a specific function or business unit. Often an MBB has prior experience as a BB. Responsible for coaching, mentoring and/or training BBs, an MBB often helps the Six Sigma deployment leader and Champions to keep the initiative on track.
    • Deployment Leader (DL): Senior-level executive responsible for implementing Six Sigma enterprise-wide. Typically reports to higher C-level executives. Takes on complete responsibility for developing, implementing and maintaining a standardized, company-wide quality system focused on customer satisfaction, defect prevention and continuous improvement.
  • iSixSigma reserves the right to change or add additional rules as needed.

iSixSigma’s Best Places to Work™ Methodology

Data is gathered through an Employer Survey filled out by the most senior Six Sigma leader, as well as an Employee Survey requiring a minimum number of responses from Six Sigma employees. Scores are calculated by combining the scores of each survey.

Employee Survey data is completed anonymously and only used in aggregate form, with the exception of anonymous verbatim quotes that may be published or otherwise shared. Additionally, organizations may order custom reports that detail the information gathered from their own Employee Survey.

iSixSigma's Best Places to Work'Meet the 2010 iSixSigma Best Places to Work™:

  1. Starwood Hotels, North America Operation
  2. McKesson Corp.
  3. Pfizer Inc.
  4. Merck & Co. Inc.
  5. UnitedHealthcare Services
  6. American Eurocopter Corp.
  7. Ecolab Inc.
  8. Cardinal Health Inc.
  9. TELUS Corp.
  10. Computacenter AG & Co. oHG

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