Resolution, resolution, resolution…that’s what I always say…and so when I see black belts going after AHT (average handle time) as their key output (KPOV) variable, I cringe. Instead, why not break it down to the components of AHT: Talk Time, Hold Time and After-Call Wrap Time.

Ok, some of you are saying , “what if you don’t include hold time in your AHT calculation?” To that, I would challenge your calculation by saying that you are missing a huge opportunity and understating the true AHT. WHY? If you have a complex product like we do, you will find that during periods of lower agent tenure, your hold time will increase substantially because those newbie agents are somewhat unsure of themselves, even after nesting. Thus, talk time might be affected, but they are more likely to put customer’s on hold during a call to ask a supervisor or lead a question — Result: a high amount of hold time = large opportunity for improvement. Break it down. Go after one of the three components.

If you only include Talk Time and ACW, then add hold time to the mix. Most switch’s will output hold time, so grab it. Going after AHT will only frustrate the black belt as they try to prove reductions. By reducing one of the components in the calculation, you by default, will improve the overall AHT

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