Breakthrough Management Group Announces New Executive Education Program for Leaders in Charge of Growth and Innovation Inside Their Organizations


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Why are companies like Humana, Coca-Cola, AMD, Citigroup, Cargill and others establishing the position of Chief Innovation Officer? These market leaders recognize the power inherent in developing new ideas, new products, new strategies and new ways to satisfy customers. Chief Innovation Officer – Lead Your Company’s Growth and Innovation Initiatives is a two-day interactive workshop that brings the knowledge, insight and tools needed to excel at one of the most exciting new corporate positions to be created in decades.

Denver, Colorado (February 26, 2007) — Breakthrough Management Group (BMG) is a global leader in Performance Excellence devoted to helping organizations systematically improve their processes and increase innovative capabilities. Today BMG announces a new Executive Education Program specifically designed for business leaders who are leading the charge for growth and innovation inside their organizations. Chief Innovation Officer – Leading Your Company’s Growth and Innovation Initiatives’ first session will be held April 30th – May 1st in Denver, CO.

Developed in response to increasing expectations of consumers, employees, and investors, the Chief Innovation Officer provides senior corporate executives with the knowledge, skills, tools, and frameworks to integrate innovation into their corporate strategy, drive it throughout the organization, and ultimately leverages their innovation initiative for growth and improved business performance.

Chief Innovation Officer pushes the frontiers of the field and brings into focus the “how” when it comes to enabling the right people, identifying the right portfolio of projects, and employing the right processes and tools to execute innovation projects and drive profitable growth. The comprehensive curriculum is designed around four core topics:

  • The Emerging Role of the CIO
  • Fostering an Innovative Company Culture
  • Establishing a Systematic Innovation Process
  • Enabling Innovation Capability

Faculty for this program, all of whom are distinguished academicians, award-winning authors, and entrepreneurs in their respective fields include: David Silverstein, President and CEO of BMG, author of Insourcing Innovation and a highly regarded speaker on the topic of innovation. Robert B. Tucker, President of The Innovation Resource and internationally recognized leader in the field of innovation as well as author of several books on innovation including, Driving Growth Through Innovation. Dr. Phil Samuel, Chief Innovation Officer for BMG, an innovation thought leader who has authored many articles and papers on the subject and presented at numerous conferences. Cheryl Perkins, President, Innovation Edge. Ms. Perkins is the former Chief Innovation Officer of Kimberley Clark and was named one of Business Week’s “Top 25 Champions of Innovation.”

Chief Innovation Officer – Lead Your Company’s Growth and Innovation Initiatives is designed for CIO’s (Chief Innovation Officers), Executives with enterprise-wide innovation responsibility, VP’s/Directors of R&D and Corporate strategy, and Executives who are responsible for driving organizational innovation. Participants represent a variety of industries, including retail, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing, as well as organizations of different sizes with varied structures. Through a combination of hands-on workshops, case studies and interaction with other participants, the learning experience is enhanced by the exchange of experiences and perspectives among a select group of highly accomplished peers.

Participation is limited to 30 and BMG reserves the right to decline any enrollee it feels does not represent a peer with the other senior executives participating in the program.

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