Hyderabad-based e-learning firm CommLab India has announced plans to implement an enterprise-wide Six Sigma program to improve customer satisfaction.

The 11-year-old company, with more than 75 e-learning professionals on its staff, will focus its Six Sigma efforts on its development, learning delivery, project management, quality assurance, management information systems, human resources, and marketing and sales departments. The aim of the new program, CommLab said, is to eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies in the current services organization.

In a press release, RK Prasad, CEO of CommLab India, said that Six Sigma will be used to “streamline our current processes further so that there is a focus on reducing variability and hence ensuring consistency in quality. We are positive that the process improvements through Six Sigma’s DMAIC methodology are just a precursor to the next step of designing our products and processes for Six Sigma.”

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