Manugistics Group and StatPoint End Licensing Partnership for STATGRAPHICS Centurion XV®


Herndon, VA — 4/13/06 — Following the release of STATGRAPHICS Centurion XV®, Manugistics Group Inc. ( and StatPoint Inc. ( announce that they have mutually decided to end their longtime licensing partnership. Since 1984 Manugistics has managed the sales, marketing and support of the STATGRAPHICS product line, while StatPoint has been responsible for development of the statistical software. StatPoint will now be solely responsible for all aspects of the product. Also announced is the release of the company’s latest product into the statistical analysis software marketplace; STATGRAPHICS Mobile, the first sophisticated statistical software available for handheld devices.

Dr. Neil W. Polhemus, the lead developer of the software and Chief Technology Officer of StatPoint, Inc., stated: “Statpoint and Manugistics re-evaluated their relationship in light of Manugistics’ global focus on supply chain software, pricing and revenue management software and solutions. After discussions with Manugistics, we determined that having StatPoint manage all aspects of the software product would be in the best interest of the STATGRAPHICS user community. The name, STATGRAPHICS Centurion XV® derives from both the vastly increased power of the new version and the fact that there have been 14 previous DOS and Windows versions of STATGRAPHICS. Said Dr. Polhemus,”the release of STATGRAPHICS Centurion XV gives us an opportunity to better meet the needs of our clients by bringing the development team closer to sales and customer support. With the release of STATGRAPHICS Mobile, we can provide our clients with another valuable tool for use in a wide variety of settings, including the factory shop floor, financial trading environments and field locations, providing instant data analysis and forecasting for professionals who must perform immediate tasks while away from their desktop or cumbersome laptop. The continuing, highly sophisticated upgrades to the flagship product, STATGAPHICS, and the development of new, cutting edge, alternative applications designed to meet today’s advanced business challenges, such as STATGRAPHICS Mobile, are indicative of Statpoint’s strength and commitment to the continuity of the Statgraphics brand”.

STATGRAPHICS is a statistical analysis software package widely used by Fortune 1000 companies as well as by countless small enterprises. Its intuitive interface is ideally suited for users of statistical methods who may not be professional statisticians. Important uses of the software include manufacturing quality control, design of experiments for research and development, and monitoring of social and environmental statistics. It is used by numerous large producers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer goods, as well as by major universities, hospitals, hotels, and other companies in the service sector.

StatPoint and Manugistics will continue to work together where STATGRAPHICS provides value-added solutions for supply chain clients. The companies express mutual best wishes for success in their individual business pursuits.

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