Singapore Launches Corporate Productivity Initiative with Motorola University

The Singaporean government has launched the Innovation Improvement Initiative program, to help enhance Singapore companies capabilities in innovation and productivity. The project-based program is designed to jumpstart productivity improvement.

Singapore’s Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong said that under the initiative companies will send teams comprising top management and line operators to be coached and mentored by productivity experts from Motorola University.

The U.S.-based institution is a leader in corporate education and globally renowned for its Six Sigma business productivity expertise.

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  1. FabForward Consultancy

    Singapore Government is doing a great job in supporting companies to improve. Yet, how many productivity improvement programs, education grants etc. have we seen already? They are not cutting through unless small- and midsized companies realy start working on improving consistantely. As the good old continuous mmprovement methodology tells us, it takes persistance and small (and relatively inexpensive) improvement steps rather than the big end epensive leap that deliver sustainable success. Get help from outside.

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