Strong America Now, grassroots political organization based in Austin, Texas, USA, has helped draft legislation in the Texas Legislature with the intention of cutting billions of dollars of spending in the state by the application of Lean Six Sigma methods.

The bill, HB 3149, is supported by State Rep. Raul Torres (R-Corpus Christi), who estimates that Lean Six Sigma could help solve budget problems in Texas without the need to raise taxes or cut valuable programs for its citizens. Under the bill, a pilot program would be set up in the Texas Workforce Commission, which would serve as a joint study to determine the effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma and make recommendation as to which agencies would be the best fit for the methodology.

Strong America Now founder Mike George says that Lean Six Sigma is already well established is certain parts of the state and local government. The cities of Irving, he said, has already helpd save billions of dollars for nearby U.S. Army and Navy bases.

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