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A Stronger Chain

Companies are forging a more stable supply chain through Six Sigma and Lean.

Beware the DOTWIMP: Beyond the Seven Wastes in the Transactional Process

To improve the results of processes and make them leaner, practitioners need to identify which of the traditional seven wastes (or muda) are present in the process and take appropriate action.

Eight Workable Strategies for Creating Lean Government

Lean government. The very idea sounds implausible. Governments are traditionally seen as guardians of red tape, incomprehensible forms and endless queues. But there are workable Lean strategies for governments seeking to reduce waste and be efficient.

Eliminate the 8th Waste

In these difficult economic times it is vital now more than ever that organizational leadership understand and implement the best defense against all types of waste. Value added analysis and percentage increases to the overall value added activity must be…

Get a Feel for Lean: Explore Application Opportunities

Lean is intuitive, flexible and can be executed quickly. As a result, almost any business or organizational process can benefit from the application of Lean. To gain a better understanding of the method, test its tools on an everyday process.

H.C. Starck to Accept 'Evolution of Manufacturing' Award

Consumer electronics firm H.C. Starck Inc. will receive the “Evolution of Manufacturing” Award, an honor bestowed upon manufacturing companies located in Northern Ohio, USA, that have adapted their business plan to better compete in a global economy.

Harris Waste Management Hires Black Belt, Kaizen Champion Leeman as Quality Director

Harris Waste Management Group Inc, Peachtree City, Ga., the global supplier of balers, shears and shredders to the recycling industry has added Lonnie Leeman as its quality director.

Harvesting Benefits of Both Lean and Six Sigma in IT

It is possible to integrate Lean and Six Sigma and reap the full benefits that these methodologies bring to the table. Although Lean may appear to have limited applications, it can offer many possibilities when it comes to value stream integration.

IBM Applies Green Principles to Reduce Waste at Irish Facility

From environmentalleader.com Businesses today generally understand they need to do as much as possible to conserve energy and water, reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize their environmental impact overall. Societal pressures from customers, increasing regulation and economics all…

Improve Software-Development Productivity with Lean

Increasing productivity can give a software-development company an edge over its competition. To accomplish this, the organization can use Lean principles to identify and eliminate wastes in the development process and encourage key drivers.

Lean and Creative Six Sigma to Solve Real-life Issues

Some organizations using Six Sigma are failing to obtain the true potential of the methodology. Those organizations need to integrate with the Six Sigma methodology an effective, comprehensive and a focused approach to solve real-life problems.

Lean at Work…: From Factory Floor to Operating Room

Until relatively recently, many quality professionals considered the term “Lean” to only be applicable to the manufacturing giants of industry. Lean, first created as a part of the Toyota Production System, is an operational approach and methodology embraced by world-class…

Lean Services: Doing Transactions Right the First Time

In services, the most efficient method for cutting waste is to attack anything that is not done right the first time. Completing services right the first time is not easy, but doing so can be an effective way to begin a Lean journey.

Lean Six Sigma Can Benefit Drug Discovery/Development

Lean Six Sigma applied to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries has a dramatic effect on reducing cycle times and the cost of developing new technologies, products, and protocols for research and clinical applications.

Lean Six Sigma to Reduce Excess and Obsolete Inventory

Excess and obsolete inventory write-offs are chronic supply chain problems costing businesses billions of dollars each year. Lean Six Sigma can be effective in addressing root causes, preventing costly year-end reductions in inventory.

Lean Template System Reduces Software Document Waste

One waste area, often found in organizations handling outsourced projects, is excessive – and often redundant – documentation. To overcome this waste, practitioners can organize it in one place by building and maintaining a master document.

Lean: Relentless Pursuit of Product Value and No Waste

Lean, like other process improvement methodologies, is based on the idea that a business is a series of processes that delivers value to its customers. A process is Lean if it uses the minimum of resources to add value to its product or service.

Learning to Recognize Process Waste in Financial Services

To help Six Sigma practitioners in financial services begin developing a “waste-sensing” ability, here is a description of seven specific types of process waste that someone is doing somewhere in virtually every company right now.

Six Sigma Helps Merillat Cabinet Facility Win Environmental Award

A manufacturing plant that makes Merillat kitchen cabinets in Mt. Jackson, Va., USA, has received the 2011 Virginia Governor’s Environmental Excellence Silver Award in recognition for its years of environmental stewardship, including the savings achieved via a recent Six Sigma project.

Sleep Innovations' New COO West in Charge of Process Improvement

Sleep Innovations, a designer and manufacturer of foam bedding products, has hired Robert West as Chief Operating Officer to implement Lean practices across the enterprise.

Software Development Convergence: Six Sigma-Lean-Agile

ome common messages are beginning to emerge from several software-relevant areas - Six Sigma for software, Agile software development and Lean thinking. The three methodologies appear to align with each other more than it appeared at first thought.

Texas State Rep. Proposes Lean Six Sigma Pilot to Reduce Spending

Strong America Now, grassroots political organization based in Austin, Texas, USA, has helped draft legislation in the Texas Legislature with the intention of cutting billions of dollars of spending in the state by the application of Lean Six Sigma methods.

Three More GOP Presidential Hopefuls Sign Lean Six Sigma Pledge

During a political and economic event sponsored by the nonprofit group Strong America Now in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, three more Republican presidential candidates pledged to use Lean Six Sigma, if elected, to eliminate federal government waste and reduce the deficit.

Trimming IT Fat with Lean Assessments

By mapping the entire software application development life cycle, IT departments can see dramatic improvements in efficiency.

U.K. Packaging Firm Celebrates First Year of Lean Six Sigma

Through a combination of Lean and Six Sigma techniques, British packaging giant Benson Group has recorded a “double-digit” improvement in production in its first year of using the Lean Sigma Lean manufacturing program. Other benefits achieved include an increase in product quality, energy savings and waste reduction, the company said.

U.S. Rep. Inslee Touts Six Sigma in Wash. Governor's Race Announcement

In his announcement to run for governor of Washington state in 2012, U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee cited his plans to enact continuous process improvement (CPI) methodologies in the state government to reduce spending and create more jobs.

When Implementing Lean, Live the Methods You Teach

Practitioners must be role models who live the Lean philosophy all day, all night, all the time – this will earn them credibility. If not, a practitioner’s inconsistencies will be discovered and they will fail to capture people’s hearts for Lean.

Why Lean Manufacturing Fails

A misunderstanding of the concepts of tools and their relationship to business processes – along with a name disadvantage – can lead to the downfall of a Lean implementation.

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