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A Software Project’s Cycle Time: Are We There Yet?

In the near term, most software organizations can realize meaningful cycle time reductions by adopting Agile methods. In the longer term, it remains important to address and measure all of the factors that contribute to longer cycle times.

Activities vs. Performance: The Procedure/Audit Dilemma

Including compliance audits and procedures in work processes lowers cost, time, and risk and improves quality. Trained Black and Green Belts use process and measurement tools to refine and maintain control of compliance programs and avoid redundancy.

Developing an Agile Planning and Tracking Scorecard

Agile changes the nature of planning and tracking. In agile, the available development capacity in resources and schedule is assessed and considered fixed at the outset. That assessment guides the scope of features promised for a delivery cycle.

DFSS Meets Agile Development – Friend or Foe?

Conflict seems likely, but with some flexibility in viewpoints, DFSS and Agile share enough to be worth looking for synergy and common ground.

Doing Some Software Six Sigma and Agile ‘Mythbusting’

In serious software discussions, some ideas about Six Sigma that are being accepted as truths are a bit out of step with the latest facts and experience.

Enhancing IT Quality Metrics with Six Sigma

By implementing Six Sigma to measure the performance of its IT products, ING Direct enabled its teams to improve the quality, throughput, speed and continuous improvement with which they deliver features and functionality to the customer.

Exploring Defect Containment Metrics in Agile

While Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and Agile software development seem to have different orientations, there is more linkage than meets the eye. Considering defect containment metrics, there is a positive tie between these two bodies of experience.

Finding a Value-added Fit with Agile Development

Practitioners must carefully consider the potential gains from using Lean Six Sigma in an Agile software development environment. But first they need to understand what sets software design apart from other product development.

GE's Merchant Touts Lean Six Sigma for Software Development at Zendcon

For General Electric, agility is all about simplifying the software development process. Matt Merchant, CTO, GE Corporate, delivered a keynote at the Zendcon PHP developers conference explaining that, through agility and simplification, his goal is to produce better quality software at a faster pace.

How Lean Can Be Applied to Software Development

Software and IT experts discuss the best ways that methods such as business process managment and Agile can be applied to a Lean software development program.

Integrating Lean Six Sigma with Agile and Scrum

Scrum is an Agile project management methodology that can be used to control software and product development using iterative, incremental practices. Scrum generates the benefits of Agile development with the advantages of a simple implementation. This methodology can significantly increase productivity and reduce time to benefits while facilitating adaptive, empirical systems development.

Lean First…or Six Sigma?

Several cases serve as solid examples of the horsepower gain for Lean and Agile driven by an early Six Sigma base and mindset. They demonstrate the synergy of Lean and Six Sigma used together instead of being used as rival methodologies.

Remove Obstacles for Six Sigma Within Agile Development

It can be challenging at first to find the connections between Six Sigma and Agile; a number of obstacles stand in the way of reaching an integrated view. But there is some untapped leverage that, if explored, may ease the use of the two methods.

Six Sigma and Lean May No Longer Be Enough to Improve Services

To see rapid results, transactional organizations may benefit from integrating Agile and business process management into their deployments.

Software Development Assessments for the 21st Century

How does an organization start the process of driving change, without investing significant time in resource-intensive assessments to establish a quantitative baseline and measure subsequent performance progress? The answer may lie in web technology.

Software Development Convergence: Six Sigma-Lean-Agile

ome common messages are beginning to emerge from several software-relevant areas - Six Sigma for software, Agile software development and Lean thinking. The three methodologies appear to align with each other more than it appeared at first thought.

Software Survey: Six Sigma, ITIL Produce Fewest Discontinued Projects

In a recent biannual survey about software development project delivery, most developers who were contacted said they preferred to use the Agile model. However, the results showed that projects using measurement-based models, such as Six Sigma, ITIL or waterfall, were least likely to be discontinued.

Three Lean Tools for Agile Development Environments

Because the underlying project management principles and team culture of agile projects vary considerably from conventional waterfall projects, developers in an agile setting may want to familiarize themselves with this simple Lean tool set.

Using Six Sigma Tools in an Agile Software Project

Six Sigma offers a groundbreaking way of reducing defects in products – something that any software project can definitely use. Hence, it makes sense to at least evaluate the possibility of integrating it with Agile software development process.

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