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Are You Ready? How to Conduct a Maturity Assessment

Before starting a process improvement journey, organizations should take the time to review their performance and determine strengths and weaknesses.

Assessing for Lean Six Sigma Implementation and Success

Understanding its own operations and processes enables an organization to logically build out a Six Sigma implementation plan while mitigating potential risks of failure. This is the concept which drives the need for a readiness assessment.

Course Correction? Tips for Doing a Deployment Review

Sometimes the results from a Lean Six Sigma deployment do not meet a company's hopes or expectations. A formal deployment review, much like a tollgate review on an individual project, may help.

Software Development Assessments for the 21st Century

How does an organization start the process of driving change, without investing significant time in resource-intensive assessments to establish a quantitative baseline and measure subsequent performance progress? The answer may lie in web technology.

Successful Six Sigma Deployment

Six Sigma deployment success is built on an infrastructure foundation. Learn to align projects to business strategy, and use a balanced DMAIC framework as your key to successful Six Sigma deployment.

Using Six Sigma for Assessing Employee Satisfaction

Satisfied employees can be a factor in the struggle to gain market share, to deliver customer delight, to innovate and to deliver a better bottom line. Using Six Sigma can not only improve morale, it can help assess employee satisfaction levels.

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