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Enlist Process Owners to Survive an Absence of Data

Although real data is always preferred, in the absence of data, it has been demonstrated that a valid direction can still be found through a creative approach and good old-fashioned interpersonal communication with people who understand the process.

Importance of the Validate Phase in a Design Project

As important as the initial phases of the IDOV process are, the last step – the Validate phase – is critical to the long-term success of the project.

Process Improvement: A Process Owner’s Dilemma

By following a Lean Six Sigma framework, process owners can use its tools on a path to process excellence that blends greater control with improved technology in order to meet the challenge of increasing efficiency and staying profitable.

Process Owners: The Unsung Heroes of Improvement

Everyone in Lean Six Sigma companies recognize the value of Green, Black and Master Black Belts and Champions, but companies which sustain their process gains have unsung individuals who are doing an exceptional job. They are the process owners.

Process Ownership: A Vital Role in Six Sigma Success

A good way to insure success for a Six Sigma project is to get the process owner to buy-in early and stay involved throughout the project. That means letting the process owner be a part of decision-making at the start and tollgate reviews at the end.

Six Sigma Organizational Architecture

Successful Six Sigma Quality programs are built on a solid organizational foundation. The organizational structure and rewards/recognition system needs to be clearly identified and communicated to successfully implement Six Sigma Quality.

Standardize Processes to Make Change Stick

One method to approach change is to actively engage process owners. This can be done through the creation of standards for how a process is to be completed, using owner input. Once in place, they can lead to improved quality and reduced costs.

Tips for Defining and Collecting IT Process Metrics

IT firms often begin initiatives to measure and collect data for process metrics as part of improvement initiatives. Practitioners responsible for deployment will benefit from understanding the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of metrics.

When Implementing Lean, Live the Methods You Teach

Practitioners must be role models who live the Lean philosophy all day, all night, all the time – this will earn them credibility. If not, a practitioner’s inconsistencies will be discovered and they will fail to capture people’s hearts for Lean.

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