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Building a Sound Data Collection Plan

Six Sigma project leaders should develop a sound data collection plan to gather reliable and statistically valid data in the DMAIC measurement phase. Incorporating these steps into a data collection plan will improve the likelihood that the data and measurements can be used to support the ensuing analysis.

Case Study: Using Six Sigma in a Non-Six Sigma Culture

In an organization that has not embraced, or even attempted, Six Sigma, adapting continuous improvement tools to be less intimidating can reduce resistance to change and improve the likelihood of successful project completion.

Data Management Plans Can Improve Collection/Validation

Understanding data and defining process paramaters (input) or product characteristics (output) is the beginning of data-based decision-making.

Digging for Data: Insurance Companies Strive to Improve

Many property and casualty (P&C) insurers struggle with timely and efficient claims processing. In working with P&C companies consulting groups found three common challenges that project teams must address to improve the overall claims settlement process.

Enlist Process Owners to Survive an Absence of Data

Although real data is always preferred, in the absence of data, it has been demonstrated that a valid direction can still be found through a creative approach and good old-fashioned interpersonal communication with people who understand the process.

Fast Start Collecting Data on Financial Service Process

In any financial service process that is being studied for the first time, it's common for Six Sigma teams to spend one-third to one-half of their project time on data collection alone. Here are three tips that may help teams get a fast started.

Gemba Walks Come to Life at Fairbanks Morse Engine

Three examples of gemba walks at Fairbanks Morse Engine demonstrate the importance of the sometimes-overlooked basics of process improvement.

Help for Project Leaders: ‘Advanced Data Door Worksheet’

At the Measure phase, improvement project leaders are confronted with the question: What is the most effective, efficient way to identify the data needed and to perform analysis of the data during the Measure and Analyze phases of the DMAIC method?

Help with a Future iSixSigma Article on Gage R&R

We are working on an article about gage R&R and need your help with data collection for analysis.

Improving Staff Scheduling at Providence Health System

When Providence Alaska Medical Center discovered it was above the 75th percentile of the national average in labor costs, it began a Six Sigma project to improve its process for scheduling staff. The result was a culture change and lower costs.

Measurement System Redesign and Innovative Data Management

A multi-national paper company wanted to reduce its cost of poor quality. The company recognized an opportunity to use Six Sigma concepts to minimize variability in its processes.

Mind Mapping: A Simpler Way to Capture Information

This visualization tool can enable practitioners to make sense of large volumes of interconnected data and fast-track implementation of Lean Six Sigma.?

Real-time Feedback Changes the Game

Efficiency is in everyone's interest. However, achieving it is heavily dependent on the quality and timeliness of crucial performance data. Live, real-time information is crucial for any manufacturing business.

The Many Sides of a Gemba Walk

Gemba walks at Fairbanks Morse Engine demonstrate the importance of the sometimes-overlooked basics of process improvement.

Using Lean Six Sigma Measurement Tools in Maintenance

Lean Six Sigma is widely used in production, but it is just getting started in maintenance. Here is how to implement a measurement system using data to identify root causes, prioritize workloads and drive improvements in a maintenance operation.

VOC: Comparing Reactive Data and Proactive Data

When collecting voice of the customer (VOC), there are generally two types of data: reactive and proactive. Understanding these categories enables companies to understand what information VOC data can offer.

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