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3 Challenges to Overcome When Developing a Lean Six Sigma Training Curriculum

During 2008-2009, I led an effort to create an in-house Lean Six Sigma training curriculum in our 34-hospital healthcare system. Not only did my organization want the training to be effective and cost-efficient, but it also needed to help standardize…

Breaking the Bar Code Myth: A Real Path to Patient Safety

It is time to refute some of the claims about the power of bar codes to deliver gains in patient safety. And, at the same time, reinforce Lean and Six Sigma as significant tools in improving processes that actually can ensure patient safety.

Case Study: Applying Six Sigma to Cricket

Mike was the best batsman in the Club Acme cricket team. His batting form had been declining the past few months, however, affecting the team’s win percentage and revenues. The team hired a Black Belt to analyze the factors affecting Mike’s batting and develop an improvement plan.

Creating Customer Delight – A Case Study in Diagnostic Clinics: Part 1 of 3

A chain of medical diagnostic clinics was developed from the ground up. After two years of hectic expansion marked by acquisitions and setting up green field clinics across a number of cities, the chain wanted to improve the turnaround time of patients and customer service.

Creating Customer Delight – A Case Study in Diagnostic Clinics: Part 2 of 3

Almost all organizations identify customer satisfaction as an area for improvement and as key to business success. In this installment of a three-part case study in creating customer delight, a medical diagnostic center tackles patient problems identified through observation and feedback.

Creating Customer Delight – A Case Study in Diagnostic Clinics: Part 3 of 3

In the final installment of this three-part case study, a medical diagnostic clinic reduces the turnaround time of lab reports, improving cycle time for 90 percent of blood tests and increasing customer satisfaction.

Improving Staff Scheduling at Providence Health System

When Providence Alaska Medical Center discovered it was above the 75th percentile of the national average in labor costs, it began a Six Sigma project to improve its process for scheduling staff. The result was a culture change and lower costs.

Reduce and Optimize Hospital Noise with Six Sigma Tools

Because hospital noise impacts patient recovery, hospitals must be quiet and calm. Hospitals must identify noise factors and discern which sources of noise are controllable. They can then use Six Sigma tools to measure, monitor and reduce noise.

What To Do When The Low-Hanging Fruit Is Gone

This article provides an example of how an operational department (like a cardiac catheterization lab) can be transformed from a low sigma level to a higher sigma level, and what that would mean to the overall organization.

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