Hello iSixSigma readers!

We are working on an article about gage R&R and need your help with data collection for analysis.

What we need:

  • Raw data itself (either 5-part or 10-part analyses including operators, parts, trials and measurements)
  • The tolerance spread
  • Is this one- or two-sided tolerance

What we would like:

  • Gage family information (e.g., air gage, electronic gage, etc.)
  • Date of study

What we do not need:

  • Names
  • Gage specifics
  • Company-specific/confidential information

Please review your data before sending it to remove any obvious errors (e.g., transpositions, decimal placement, etc.) and correct for any out-of-control points from the range chart – all points should be in control.

Why should you send iSixSigma your data?
Aside from the potential of your data being used to help produce an iSixSigma article, selected data sets will also receive a complimentary analysis! Please be assured that all data that is published will be anonymous.

How to share your data:
Email your data to editor (at) isixsigma (dot) com.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

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