A U.K.-based manufacturer of electrical and electronic assemblies has attained Six Sigma manufacturing quality levels of 99.97 percent following the installation of fully automated, custom designed wire processing machinery at its factory in the West Midlands. A gradual, phased implementation of automated production machines over the last 10 years – coupled with PP Electrical Systems’ (PPES) own successful culture change programme and continuous improvement initiatives – have resulted in quality levels increasing from 98 percent in 2007 to 99.97 percent in 2010.

“Whilst most manufacturing companies would regard 98 percent quality as being world class, at PPES we recognised that we needed to achieve in excess of 99 percent if we were to satisfy our customers and reduce costs by revealing more of our Hidden Factory. The extra effort we’ve had to put in over the last decade in improving our quality to such a high level has been a struggle at times, but the rewards far outweigh this,” says David Fox, Chairman and CEO of PPES.

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