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12 Tips for a More Motivated Team and Better Results

Follow these tips to incorporate motivation at all phases of an improvement project in order to ensure passionate teams and management buy-in, along with better business results.

3 Challenges to Overcome When Developing a Lean Six Sigma Training Curriculum

During 2008-2009, I led an effort to create an in-house Lean Six Sigma training curriculum in our 34-hospital healthcare system. Not only did my organization want the training to be effective and cost-efficient, but it also needed to help standardize…

Argentine Telecom Wins Team Excellence Award at ASQ World Competition

The Telefónica team of Buenos Aires, Argentina, took top honors, winning the Gold Award in the 25th International Team Excellence Award Process at the 2010 American Society for Quality’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement, held May 24–26, in St. Louis, Mo.

Army TACOM LCMC Strengthens Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Since 2007, the Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) has institutionalized a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Promulgation of Lean Six Sigma across the command is a nonstop effort.

Building a Six Sigma Project Team

Following three simple rules can make the process of selecting and leading teams less painful and more successful.

Building a Six Sigma Project Team

Too much attention to politics and control will spoil a team’s chemistry. A few simple guidelines can make the process of building a productive project team more successful.

Building Team Consensus

Consensus building is needed to help the team determine the relative importance of topics, issues or problems. Consensus is a technique that allows everyone on the team to equally play an active role in determining the group's final decision.

Constructive Discord: The Role of Conflict in Building High-performance Teams

Conflict is a natural and healthy part of the team-building process. Learn how to properly harness constructive discord to succeed in deploying effective high-performance work teams.

Enhancing GRPI with the Nominal Group and Delphi Techniques

GRPI is used for building high-performing teams. By combining it with nominal group and Delphi techniques, GRPI can also help sustain the high performance of teams.

Focus on Employees to Improve Healthcare Bottom Line

High job satisfaction produces employees who work harder, smarter and have better relations with customers. Healthcare clients are pleased with exceptional care and positive interactions with employees. And that can mean a better bottom line.

Grabbing Hold of the GRPI Model

GRPI (goals, roles and responsibilities, process, and interpersonal skills) is used to monitor the factors critical to team development in a structured way – and act on these factors throughout the project.

High-performance Teams: Understanding Team Cohesiveness

A common characteristic seen in high-performance teams is cohesiveness, a measure of the attraction of the group to its members (and the resistance to leaving it). Those in cohesive teams are more cooperative and effective in achieving the goals they set for themselves.

Leading Geographically Scattered Six Sigma Project Team

Leading a Six Sigma project team can have many challenges, but they are unique from other practitioners' experiences when the team is geographically scattered.

Lean and Six Sigma: Fixing Healthcare a Process at a Time

With many issues facing the U.S. healthcare system the task of "fixing" it seems insurmountable, but the appropriate implementation of Six Sigma and Lean methods can create a clear path for solutions that will impact the cost and quality of care.

Make It a Team Effort: Involving Employees Can Lead to Lasting Solutions

A transactional process improvement case study offers guidance for engaging stakeholders in each stage of a project.

Maximize Six Sigma Team Performance

The Black Belt's ability to maximize team members' contributions is critical to the success of a Six Sigma project. Many factors must be addressed. With a well-maintained team comes team synergy, which results in happier, healthier, and more productive employees.

Meeting Action Item Planning Worksheet

Ensure project progress by assigning and tracking follow-up action items and tasks. Use this free meeting action item planning worksheet.

No More Cowboys: Teams for Change

I have been a Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt for two and a half years and have come to a heartbreaking realization: I’ll never be good at everything.

Pace of Six Sigma Teams Differs Dramatically by Culture

Six Sigma project teams from different countries will approach and complete projects in their own way and at damatically different paces. This is valuable for the management of multinationals to understand so realistic expectations are set.

Process Ownership: A Vital Role in Six Sigma Success

A good way to insure success for a Six Sigma project is to get the process owner to buy-in early and stay involved throughout the project. That means letting the process owner be a part of decision-making at the start and tollgate reviews at the end.

Six Qualities of Successful Green Belts

Everyone can contribute to continuous improvement efforts, but the Green Belt role is not for everyone. Follow these six essential qualities when selecting Green Belts.

Six Sigma Organizational Architecture – Rewards and Recognition

A focus on the rewards and recognition associated with a successful Six Sigma deployment, detailed by team role.

Successful Six Sigma Project Reviews

Project reviews serve to evaluate the project plan or status relative to the plan initially set forth by the team in the project charter. You as the team leader need to ensure that certain benefits are achieved from the project review.

Taming Human Nature in Six Sigma Projects

By knowing what to watch for, Belts can keep natural tendencies from biasing their work.

Three Elements of a Deployment Governance Framework

The goal of any Lean Six Sigma program is to achieve operation and execution excellence, which can only come about through a well thought-out and executed deployment governance framework that concentrates on teams, knowledge transfer and people.

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