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    Can someone tell me how to make a pareto on Excel? I only know how to do it on Minitab and my organisation does not have Minitab.
    looking forward to any help


    Write “Category” in a cell and “Value” in the cell next it (of course, you can use the words you want, as “Defect type” and “U$S”). Below them, enter all the categories and their values. Select the whole range (including titles). Go to Data ==> Sort. Make sure that “My list has header row” is checked. In “Sort By” selct “Value” (or the word you used) and check “Descending”. Click “Ok”. Select the whole range again and click on the “Cahrt” button in the toolbar (or go to Insert ==> Chart). Make sure that “Column” is selected as chart type, and that the top left sub-type is selected. Click “Finish” button.


    Hi Marianne,
    There is a little more to it than the previous post if you want to see the “bend in the knee”.  You could do a Google Search for “Pareto In Excel” and the 6th link down titled “To Create a Pareto Chart” is a link which details it step by step.
    Since it is not advertising a product for sale I will include the actual web address and hope they don’t edit it out.
    Any problems email me at home at and I’ll send you the link
       Have Fun.


    An alternative process to produce a similar chart to Minitab would be as follows:
    Select (Note, if data analysis does not appera in the drop down list, first go to and select )
    Choose select your data ranges (discrete categories in one column, continuous data in the other) in the
    Check mark , , and
    Choose where you want the Output to go (pick a cell on existing worksheet, select a new worksheet ply or a new workbook.


    I am not affiliated with this company, but I have used their product and it’s a snap. It’s called Pareto Pro and they give you a 15 day trial.Mark

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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