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    Dave Kallaghan

    What are the various ways to ensure that the new process you have developed/improved is always followed.


    Mannu Thareja

    Hi Dave,
    To ensure that the improved proces is implemented, Management Commitment is requierd. It all flows from top to bottom. If the management is commited, the improved process will be implemented at the operators level.If the management is not committed, it is your responsibility to convince/ to take support from  the management.



    There is an element of involving management and sure, there are tools, standardisation and so on. But for me though, success in embedding the new process means getting the people in the old process involved from early enough in the project. 
    Ever come across the QxA=E formula? The quality (Q) of your solution multipled by the acceptance (A) gives you an effectiveness (E). I usually score projects 1-10. OK, so it’s not a statistical formula, but it’s a good guide I always try and get my BBs to think about whenever they are heading into the improve phase. The point is, no matter how good your solution, without acceptance you’re sunk. This may or may not apply more to transactional/services Six Sigma.



    To add to the previous 2 posts:
    – Training, including awareness and commitment build up (I mean, not to teach only the waht, who and how, but also the why and what if not). That would be mostly already done if the people was involved in the project from the beginning, but sometimes it is not possible to involve all the people.
    – Metrics monitoring (to find unexpeted performance deviations and search for, find and fix the causes).
    – Process audits (we all have the tendency to slowly deviate from the standard, even unintentionally and unconsciously).
    And, by the way, you don’t want the new process to be always followed. Only until someone finds a beeter way to do it. ;-)



    No way to 100% ensure right implementation all time. I recommend you to follow the process below to implement new process:
    1. Document the new process
    2. Train up & quaify the every user with the document
    3. Monitor and audit the implement
    4. Identify and correct the deviation
    5. Review and enhance the step1~step4.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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