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             Recently i read an article which says about six thinking hats. The six hats are givin below.
    1. Whit Hat     :   Encourages about data, facts and figures
    2. Red Hat      :   Allows for expressing emotion
    3. Black Hat   :   Allows for critical thinking
    4. Yellow Hat :   For optimistic thoughts about the +ve aspects of a  
    5. Green Hat :    For growing ideas and allowing for creative thinking
    6. Blue Hat   : To put on when you need to get yourself organized.
             Any comments on how to use these hats in six sigma implementation.
    thanks & regards



    de Bono’s Six Thinking HatsBLUE HAT (Organisation of Thinking)
    Thinking about thinking. What have we done so far? What do we do next?
    GREEN HAT (Creativity)
    Different ideas. New Ideas. Suggestions and proposals. What are some possible ways to work this out? What are some other ways to solve the problem.
    RED HAT (Emotions)
    Intuition, feelings and hunches. No need to justify the feelings. How do I feel about this right now?
    YELLOW HAT (Good Points)
    Why is this worth doing? How will it help us? Why can it be done? Why will it work?
    BLACK HAT (Bad Points)
    Caution. Judgement. Assessment. Is this true? Will it work? What are the weaknesses? What is wrong with it?
    WHITE HAT (Information)
    Questions. What information do we have? What information do we need to get?
    When used correctly this principle can help you see all issues related to a project.   I have seen it used on several Projects and also my kids use it at school.
    As a 6-Sigma tool or used in conjunction with the other tools, it can be very effective.


    Marc Richardson

    De Bono suggests that everyone in the meeting ‘wear’ the same colored hat at the same time, as opposed to each member of the team wearing a different colored hat. The book is still in print and is worth the read.
    Marc Richardson
    Sr. Quality Assurance Eng.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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