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When it comes to training employees – from executives to the rank and file – in the Six Sigma methodology, there are different paths companies can take. The most common is still the traditional classroom setting. But is that the most effective? With the increasing global nature of organizations and the ubiquity of desktop and laptop computers, is online training the better way to go? What are the advantages and what are the drawbacks? Which Six Sigma topics are best taught through that method? This survey endeavored to answer those questions and more related to online Six Sigma training.

1,135 Number of total survey respondents
78 Percent of respondents who have participated in some form of online training
36 Percent of respondents who said online training is as effective as classroom instruction
47 Percent of respondents who said online training is less effective or much less effective than classroom instruction
50 Percent of respondents who have participated in online Six Sigma training
53 Percent of respondents who said they personally prefer blended training (a combination of online and classroom) for learning Six Sigma
69 Percent of respondents who said the most significant advantage of online training is that “Training can be done anytime”
62 Percent of respondents who said the most significant disadvantage of online training is that there is “no personal interaction”
17 Percent of respondents who reported that their company uses online training for Yellow Belt instruction

Critical findings of this exclusive benchmarking research include:

FINDING 1: Classroom instruction has an edge over online training alone. Perceptions of online training are generally less favorable than perceptions of classroom instruction. Overall, blended training is the most popular method.

FINDING 2: Most Six Sigma training occurs in the classroom.

FINDING 3: The fact that online training can be done anytime is seen as the biggest advantage to this method, while its lack of personal interaction is considered the biggest drawback. Accessing reference material is the most prevalent experience of online “training.”

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