About Us

The iSixSigma Marketplace is a divisionĀ of iSixSigma.com. We are a publisher of business management information (not a consulting company or agency) who cares about the products we create and offer for sale. We’ve been publishing continuously on the Internet since May 2000.

We created the iSixSigma Marketplace to allow smaller consultants and providers an opportunity to reach the Six Sigma marketplace in a cost effective and low-risk manner, many of whom create phenomenal products and materials but lack the resources to perform marketing, sales, customer service or transaction fulfillment.

We publish:

  • Case studies and interviews with business VPs and directors focused on process improvement
  • Research reports summarizing what our 500,000+ unique readers per month have to say
  • Surveys of your prospects and customers to discover what they think of products and services
  • Exclusive lab tests and reviews
  • Collection and analysis of “best of” research and content published by other firms and service providers to the process improvement field

The electronic documents we sell are real and valuable. Publications and books aren’t paper, print and binding. They’re the inspiration and perspiration, the ideas and concepts that drive higher performance, the love and labor of people who want to communicate with others. Paper is nothing more than the way many of those publications are packaged and delivered.

The iSixSigma Marketplace delivers the information and materials you need – right now. Our purchases are automatic and immediate. And they help you get back to work to be more productive and to deliver better results.

And all of your purchases on iSixSigma Marketplace come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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