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Using the DMAIC Model to Achieve Buy-in

When project managers begin studying Lean Six Sigma, the first question asked is often, “How will I get buy-in?” Although the core concepts and methodologies may make sense to project managers, the question of buy-in sometimes overshadows this powerful methodology for process improvement. There are many root causes for why people are reluctant to lend…


Dispute Resolution: Facilitators, Mediators, Arbitrators

Alternative dispute resolution has become a popular way to identify the root cause of a problem and to build a solution strategy – both in and out of the business world. In some environments this is accomplished by a mediator or arbitrator. Mediators act as neutrals to reconcile differences before proceeding to arbitration or litigation….

Every Reason That HR Should Be Involved in Six Sigma

Human resource (HR) professionals who have a background or education in basic project management have a clear advantage. Being well versed in an improvement methodology, such as Six Sigma, is even a bigger plus. An HR professional who is able to present a business case with a compelling return on investment will be respected. Having…

Blending Process Analytical Technology and Six Sigma

By Terra Vanzant-Stern Manufacturers face numerous challenges within their markets as the number of competitors grows and increasing material costs impact margins. Business methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma working in tandem with industry-specific approaches can increase the opportunity for success. An example of that is in the pharmaceutical industry, where an approach called process…