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Identifying Six Sigma Projects Using Customer Data – An iSixSigma Case Study

A successful business knows its customers – who they are, what their expectations are and what they think of the products or services. More importantly, a successful business continually improves its processes, reassesses its ability to meet customer needs, and gathers customer data to keep well appraised of changing customer needs and expectations. There are many…

Identifying High-Level Requirements Using SIPOC Diagram

Often times it almost seems as if the people who run a business and the people developing and implementing the information technology (IT) systems for the business do not speak the same language. So it was with a project team that had developed a high-level, future-state process map for a renewal process in the insurance…


Listen to Customers and Change the Process Accordingly – An iSixSigma Case Study

For a business to successfully change its processes to meet customer needs and expectations, it must use measurable critical-to-satisfaction data. One company, a homebuilding business, used customer satisfaction surveys to measure performance for several years with customers receiving surveys periodically throughout their homebuilding experience. Then the company used this information to implement change. Data collected…

What Small Business CEOs Must Know to Start Six Sigma

Most CEOs of small and mid-sized businesses are aware of Six Sigma and what it has done for other companies. But some think the quality improvement program only works in larger companies. Of course, that is not true. Six Sigma can help grow any company by giving it the all-important competitive edge. For the majority…