As research manager for iSixSigma Magazine, I spend my Decembersanalyzing the data from the iSixSigma Job Shop to figure out who makes what and where they make it. I really enjoy crunching the numbers because I get to spend so much time in Minitab. (My love for Minitab waskindled by my Black Belt instructor, Paul Sheehy, who later became an officialMinitab trainer.)

The results from the latest analysis has becomethe 4th Annual Six Sigma Global Salary Survey,published in March/April issue of iSixSigma Magazine.

A Press Release issued this morning gives you a taste of the data -revealingthe worldwide salary and bonus figures for Black Belts, Master Black Belts, Champions and Deployment Leaders.

On average, BBs across the globe earn $76,241per year and their average bonus is $9,698. For the salary and bonus figures for MBBs, Champions and DLs, read the Press Release.

Here on the Blogosphere, I’llgiveyou a bit more salarytriviato spark thosewater cooler conversations…

Question: How much does a Black Belt in the United Sates make a year? Answer: About $10,000 more than the worldwide average:$86,011

Question: If you work in India as a Six Sigma Black Belt how much do you make? Answer: $51,956

True or False: “I am a certified Black Belt, here are my credentials…I should make more than the average Joe Black Belt who went through training but does not have formal certification like I do.” Answer: False. There is no statistical difference in salaries between certified Black Belts and non-certified Black Belts.

Question: What is the highest paying industry for Black Belts in the United States? Answer: Telecommunications: $104,457

The full survey results are available in the print edition of iSixSigma Magazine, as well as online to subscribers in the newly launched digital edition.

iSixSigma 4th Annual Six Sigma Global Salary Survey Press Release

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