I’ve spoken to the iSixSigma editorial staff about creating a blog and received mixed reviews. On one hand, I would personally like to start a conversation with others that doesn’t have to be proofed, edited, or polished before printing. My staff, on the other hand, is probably cringing at the idea of allowing unedited content (especially my content) to be published without review.

The beauty of my personal blog is that when something crosses my desk that I particularly enjoy or dislike, I have an informal and instantaneous outlet to express my thoughts. Others then have the ability to support or constructively offer differing opinions. The difference between this medium and the iSixSigma Forums is that this space is moderated by me. Anyone can post their own comments to anything I write, but I do require them to be respectful and thoughtful.

Welcome to the premiere post of the iSixSigma Blogosphere.

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