Process Map

Definition of Process Map:

A Process Map is a hierarchical method for displaying processes that illustrates how a product or transaction is processed. It is a visual representation of the work-flow either within a process – or an image of the whole operation. Process Mapping comprises a stream of activities that transforms a well defined input or set of inputs into a pre-defined set of outputs.

The High Level Process Map; “30,000 feet overviews”, “Medium image” is differentiated from the Detailed Process Map; “homing in”, “zooming in”, “Micro Map”. The High Level Process Map is utilized in scoping a Six Sigma project and establishing boundaries, while a detailed process map will be used by the GB/BB to Analyze (identify potential causes) and Improve (optimize) the process.

A good Process Map should:
1) Allow people unfamiliar with the process to understand the interaction of causes during the work-flow.
2) Contain additional information relating to the Six Sigma project i.e. information per critical step about input and output variables, time, cost, DPU value.

Sample Process Map

Sample Process Map

Software programs utilized to create Process Maps include Microsoft Visio, SigmaFlow and iGrafx. For those individuals who may not have access to these packages, Process Mapping may be performed in Excel or Power Point.

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