Former Dallas police chief David Kunkle has announced his intentions to run for Dallas mayor, saying he will favor the application of continuous improvement programs to address the city’s most pressing needs.

Kunkle, who has been in public service for 39 years, including a stint as assistant city manager of Dallas, says one of his priorities, if elected, will be to “focus on improvements” in government by using “established methods” such as re-engineering, core process mapping, Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen.

“I am committed to re-thinking and re-inventing government here in Dallas,” Kunkle said in a prepared statement on the first day of his candidacy. “Cities around the nation are streamlining paperwork, rethinking services, reducing response times and simplifying virtually every business process… This is a practical, hard-headed commitment to looking at everything we do to see how we can do it better, cheaper and faster without reducing the quality of the service.”

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