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Do I need to be certified? Which company or organization should certify me? Is there a single certification standard? Does experience outweigh a need for certification?Lean Six Sigma Certified?

These are questions that have been asked and answered for years across The best certification references on iSixSigma can be found at the following links:

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  1. Walt McIntyre

    I am in favor of certification when it is based upon successful completion of the training, tests on the training material and at least one, preferably two, successful projects. The problem with certification organizations that relay on some type of form test is that you cannot test leadership skills and change management skills that way. I have never seen a project fail due to bad math, but I have seen them fail due to poor people skills and poor leadership. People skills are not measurable on a test paper. The wrong type of certification process will actually dumb down the quality of Black Belt product you get.

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