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Avoid the ‘Bloom and Doom’ Cycle

Many Lean Six Sigma programs start out strong, but not all stay that way. Leaders must make special efforts to ensure their deployment ends up a success.

Debunking Dubious Statistics from a Six Sigma Critic

The principal and founder of a performance improvement consulting firm, professes that businesses using Six Sigma are underperforming their peers in terms of stock price. Those claims prove the cliche, "There are lies, damn lies and statistics."

Debunking IT Isolation in Search of Quality and Savings

Six Sigma is used effectively in manufacturing, service, financial and educational settings to improve processes and achieve time and cost benefits by eliminating waste and inefficiencies. With a little adaptation, Six Sigma can do the same for IT departments.

Driving Six Sigma Success Without Top-level Support

If practitioners are having trouble attracting executive backing for Six Sigma, there are four steps that can help point a deployment in the right direction.

E-learning Firm CommLab India to Implement Six Sigma Program

Hyderabad-based e-learning firm CommLab India has announced plans to implement an enterprise-wide Six Sigma program to improve customer satisfaction.

Eight Steps to a Successful Lean Six Sigma Implementation

Organizations can follow eight steps – from creating a burning platform for adopting the approach to recognizing team member contributions – to complete a Lean Six Sigma rollout.

Enabling Technology Adoption by Using Six Sigma

A survey sponsored by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) finds that Six Sigma is feasible as an enabler of the adoption of software, systems and IT improvement models and practices.

Harvesting Value in Transactional Processes with Lean Six Sigma

In an era of high competition, with many companies facing a less-than-certain future, the need to increase performance in the eyes of the customer has never been stronger.

How Six Sigma Can Help ITIL Service Level Management

Utilizing service level agreements (SLAs) can go far in establishing fruitful working relationships between IT providers and customers. If implemented poorly, however, they can be a source of discomfort for which IT providers should be wary.

How to Create a Successful FMEA Program

If one or two FMEAs can produce exceptional results, imagine the benefits possible if use of the technique were expanded enterprise-wide. Learn how best to manage this expansion and get tips for making each FMEA project successful.

How To Implement Quality

How to successfully implement Quality within your organization or business.

How to Revive Your Lean Six Sigma Deployment

There are some simple steps Belts can take to reinvigorate a wilting deployment in less than a year.

Implementing Six Sigma Methodology in a Small IT Firm

Six Sigma can help improve any size IT organization by providing a competitive edge. The main thing that prevents many small IT businesses from exploring Six Sigma is not knowing just how they can implement the data-driven methodology.

Insider Views on Selecting a Six Sigma Consultant

You decide to hire a consulting company to help you implement the Six Sigma methodology. But whom do you hire? Representatives of two consulting companies and two client companies offer views on how to choose.

Manage IT Projects and Resources the Six Sigma Way

By exploring how Lean Six Sigma is used at best-practice companies and learning the answers to some common questions, software and IT organizations not already using Lean Six Sigma can gain a greater understanding of what they are missing.

One IT Size Does Not Fit All; Lean Six Sigma Can Help

A specific process solution, orchestrated for one IT organization, is unlikely to fit perfectly in another IT system. This means that importing a set of processes into an organization, without some kind of review for "fit" carries momentous risk.

Reducing Variability with DOE – A Case Study on Propagation of Error (POE)

Applying powerful design of experiments (DOE) tools to make your system more robust to variations in component levels and processing factors, as evidenced by this case study involving the improvement of a paraffin therapy bath product.

Roadblocks to Implementation

There are many reasons for detours during your project journey; unfortunately, many of these are unpredictable. Some of the best lessons are the ones we have to learn the hard way.

Six Sigma in the Information Technology Services Sector

Challenges Faced Today Offer Solutions for Tomorrow Six Sigma has come a long way from statistically oriented tools to today’s “not so data driven” tools like Lean and quality function deployment (QFD). The application of Six Sigma across different sectors…

Six Sigma Is Just A Fad

Is Six Sigma just a fad? Should we add Six Sigma to the list of growing management fads? Various people say yes, but those that truly understand and are comprehensively trained would argue otherwise. This article presents both sides of the story.

Tailoring Six Sigma to Software Development

Software development environments have unique cultural dynamics and lower process maturity states that must be taken into account for successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma projects

The Implementation Plan – Getting Beyond the Quick Fix

To ensure projects have a lasting impact, practitioners should set up a detailed plan for implementing process improvements.

Toward an Integrated Six Sigma Software Knowledge-Base

What's different about applying Six Sigma to software? A good deal. This article frames how issues will be addressed for software, firmware, and other information technology topics.

U.K. Medical Device Firm Kimal to Adopt Six Sigma Methods

British medical device Kimal has announced that it will begin implementing Six Sigma process improvements to enhance the quality of its services.

What Role Does National Culture Play in Implementation?

On iSixSigma’s Discussion Forum, a poster working on a doctoral thesis asked about how various differences in national culture can affect Six Sigma implementation. Respondents provided several links to studies on the role of cultural differences among deployments in the…

What’s in a Name? Systematic Approach to an Initiative

When a company deploys a strategic initiative, whether the approach is called Six Sigma or not, it must focus on the primary objective - improving and then sustaining its gains. And most importantly, the initiative must be a systematic approach.

What’s in a Name? It’s the Approach, Not the Name

Companies need an integrated approach that works within the organization’s culture and the right tools to drive business-wide improvement. This is where the Six Sigma approach comes in. But it is not the name that is important. It is the approach.

Why Lean Manufacturing Fails

A misunderstanding of the concepts of tools and their relationship to business processes – along with a name disadvantage – can lead to the downfall of a Lean implementation.

Wrestling with IT-Six Sigma Integration Survey Results

The results of a survey on the integration of Six Sigma and information technology (IT) published by iSixSigma Magazine revealed four important truths which provide meaningful insight to any organization attempting to apply Six Sigma in IT.

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