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Ask the Expert: The Topic – Deploying and Implementing Six Sigma

David Silverstein of BMGI discusses the details of a Six Sigma deployment.

Ask the Expert: The Topic – Starting a Six Sigma Initiative

Smarter Solutions Inc. CEO, President and Founder Forrest Breyfogle shares his advice on starting a Six Sigma deployment.

Ask the Expert: The Topic – Integrating Lean and Six Sigma

Michael George, chairman and CEO of George Group, answers common questions about integrating the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

Beware of Tools and 'The Next Big Thing'

Isn’t it amazing how there’s “the next big thing” everyday? Headlines from blogs, sales websites, newspapers, even Twitter and LinkedIn, carry this headline continuously. How many of these “things” really are new? Years ago when I started my continuous improvement…

Debunking Dubious Statistics from a Six Sigma Critic

The principal and founder of a performance improvement consulting firm, professes that businesses using Six Sigma are underperforming their peers in terms of stock price. Those claims prove the cliche, "There are lies, damn lies and statistics."

Eight Steps to a Successful Lean Six Sigma Implementation

Organizations can follow eight steps – from creating a burning platform for adopting the approach to recognizing team member contributions – to complete a Lean Six Sigma rollout.

History of the Six Sigma Black Belt Naming Convention

Not surprisingly, the term Black Belt has its roots in the exotic realm of martial arts. Like a person skilled in the Oriental sport of karate, the Six Sigma Black Belt is self-assured and knowledgeable, the result of intensive training and real-world experience.

iSixSigma Publisher Katie Barry Introduces Redesigned Website

In a note to readers, Publisher Katie Barry introduces the redesigned and encourages users to send feedback on their experiences with the new site.

Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule)

The Pareto principle comes from Vilfredo Pareto, an economist. Included here are examples of the 80/20 rule.

Reflections on Six Sigma: Eleven Reasons It Has Thrived

It has been nearly 20 years since Motorola executive Bill Smith coined the phrase "Six Sigma." This makes one ponder why it has been so successful. Here are some personal reflections on Six Sigma's success and longevity from a veteran practitioner.

Remembering Bill Smith, Father of Six Sigma

Bill Smith, the Father of Six Sigma, introduced the statistical approach while working at Motorola, where it garnered the company financial benefits and numerous awards.

Screening Tools Can Speed Up Six Sigma Projects

Although they are not part of the typical DMAIC approach, these tools can decrease the time needed to find solutions.

Sigma Performance Levels – One to Six Sigma

When learning about Six Sigma, it may help to consider these charts, which detail how sigma level relates to defects per million opportunities (DPMO), and some real-world examples.

Six Sigma Evolution Clarified – Letter To The Editor

Daniel T. Laux writes on behalf of Six Sigma Academy to clarify the roots and evolution of Six Sigma.

Six Sigma Organizational Architecture – Rewards and Recognition

A focus on the rewards and recognition associated with a successful Six Sigma deployment, detailed by team role.

Six Sigma Q&A

Get answers to all your Six Sigma questions with this list of frequently asked questions.

Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities

Six Sigma roles and their responsibilities are defined.

Six Sigma Software Development Case Study – Part 2

The Six Sigma DMAIC approach to process improvement provides a powerful mechanism for improving the software process.

Statistical Six Sigma Definition

The Six Sigma methodology is well rooted in statistics and statistical mathematics. Learn why six standard deviations is worthwhile for your organization to measure.

The Five Fundamental Assumptions of Six Sigma

Six Sigma can be reduced to five fundamental assumptions. If these simple concepts are understood, all the tools, all the tollgate deliverables, and all the statistics and jargon are put in their proper supporting roles.

The History of Six Sigma

Six Sigma has evolved over time. The concepts behind Six Sigma can be traced through the centuries as the method took shape into what it is today.

Top 10 Tips for Managing Six Sigma

Before starting a deployment, organizations should review these 10 lessons learned.

Use Multiple Process Improvement Methodologies to Strengthen Results

The complementary nature of process improvement methodologies gives the practitioner an enhanced ability to solve many different problem sets.

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